Saturday, August 3, 2002

I humped a poll!!
hehe not really but i did put up a poll. it’ll be changed monthly….

IM SO HAPPY!! has a kick ass interact section!!! and its all cause of me (ego moment!) im serious!! who has pacman?!??! juss!! i mean hello! can you say 24 hour entertainment? yes! im so happy! *does a lil dance* and ya’ll better appreciate it! hehe j/k

Savanna got down and dirty @ 01:52 pm

Interact is up
update: The interact section is now up!

ok i know there’s not a lot to do there at the moment but more will be coming up soon! and hey the stuff that is there is a lot of fun to play! so check it out!! have fun and if you have any comments or suggestions pleaseĀ emailĀ me!

Savanna got down and dirty @ 10:48 am