7 This Legendary Musician Dies and Leaves Abundant Treasures

It’s no secret, the legendary musicians of the world are indeed living in a multitude of treasures. Living in a luxury home, have expensive mounts, and luxurious lifestyle.

But with those luxuries, how much inheritance or property did they leave to relatives when they died?

Is it extraordinary a lot? Or even the opposite?

John Lennon

Well here it is the most legendary and most well known at the same time. Not even a few people say, someone who doesn’t like music knows who he is.

The Beatles frontman was shot dead in 1980. He left a fortune of US $ 800 million or Rp. 500 billion. Who is his heir if not his wife Yoko Ono, who is now 86 years old.

The Lennon family itself currently has a fortune of US $ 1.1 billion or Rp. 15 trillion! He also has two sons, Sean and Julian Lennon.

Freddie Mercury

The frontman of the band Queen is also the most successful legendary musician in the world of all time. Who doesn’t know the songs? Until this moment it is still playing on many occasions, not to mention the band’s biographical film was shown in theaters in 2018.

The man who died in 1991 due to AIDS, managed to pocket a fortune of US $ 15 million from the sale of the album Queen The Greatest Hits. Long story short, his wealth has also increased to US $ 100 million.

Mary Austin, Mercury’s first lover and fiance, is said to be the heir to his treasure.

Luciano Pavarotti

Now if this one is certainly not a rock and roll musician, he is the most successful opera singer in the universe. The man born in 1935 died in 2007 and has a wealth of US $ 257 million or Rp2.5 trillion.

One of its property assets is a luxury home in the City of Modena, a luxury villa in Pesaro, an apartment in Monaco, and three other apartments in New York.

After Pavarotti’s death, the unusually abundant wealth became a struggle between his three daughters and his second wife. As a result, Pavarotti’s daughter was given an apartment in New York and Pesaro.

Elvis Presley

The Rock King is also a legendary world musician who is impossible for anyone to know. He himself is an icon of music of all time.

As a musician who was very successful in his time, Presley pocketed income of US $ 100 million. If adjusted for inflation, maybe more or less is equivalent to US $ 400 million or Rp5.7 trillion this year.

All his possessions were bequeathed to his daughter, Lisa, who was only nine years old when the legendary musician of the world died.

A few years later, Elvis’s wife Priscilla took over the treasure. Reportedly, the Presley family currently has total assets of US $ 300 million or Rp 4.3 billion.

Jim Morrison

Wow, still remember this song? This is the song lyrics from Jim Morrison’s band The Doors. If you are familiar with this song, then your fix is ​​old, or it could be papah or your mama was hanging out in his time.

The prominent band of the 1960s died at the age of 27 because of his lifestyle that was not far from drugs.

Morrison left a luxury home with a value of US $ 400 thousand in 1971. The house, which was finally called the Morrison Estate, rose to US $ 20 million at present. After going through a dispute, the house fell into the hands of Pamela Courson who was none other than Morrison’s legal wife.

Jimi Hendrix

Who doesn’t know the blues guitarist who has always been a big influence on the guitar gods of the world? Even now, there are countless top guitarists who are inspired by Hendrix’s figure and music.

When Hendrix died in 1970, he pocketed the same wealth as Joplin, which was US $ 5 million. However, Hendrix still makes money even though he has died, of course from the royalties of his timeless work.

At present, the total wealth of the legendary world musicians is rumored to skyrocket to US $ 17.5 million or Rp 253 billion! But unfortunately, Rolling Stone reported that the Hendrix treasure had become a struggle by his heirs. Now, Hendrix’s assets are managed by Hendrix’s half-sisters, Janie and Leon.

Janis Joplin

Queen of Rock and Roll is often seen as one of the world’s legendary musicians and singers as well as the most successful songwriters in the 1960s. The singer of the song Piece of My Heart released two albums with Big Brother before finally deciding to go solo.

Joplin also reportedly pocketed a fortune of US $ 5 million in the 1960s (Rp. 6.2 billion) before finally dying in 1970.

A strong suspicion is that the assets have been passed on to his youngest brother. Because it was he who took care of the assets and family inheritance of Joplin.